"Who are we becoming?" This is a question that we should always be asking as followers of Christ. Are we becoming more like Christ? Or less? In American Christianity today, we have a tendency to focus on doing. Serving in different ministries, fighting against injustices, and learning God's word. And yet in spite of those efforts, our hearts often feel far from God. We might know God with our heads, but our hearts are far from him. 

Our hope is that God would use this series to serve as catalyst for growth in your spiritual life. This series has been highly inspired by Pete Scazzero's ministry Emtionally Healthy Discipleship. Most of the resources below come from his ministry. Check out what interests you. Some of these resources can be done alone, but many of them are best done with at least one other person. Get together with trusted companions and grow togehter! 

1. Books:

2. Podcasts

3. Devotions: 

4. Practices: