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Branden Brooks was raised in sunny San Diego. He embraced the gospel of Christ at the age of thirteen after some friends invited him to attend a church service. Immediately after coming to faith, he felt compelled to begin studying the scriptures and sharing the gospel with friends, family, and anyone who would listen. Within a few years, he began to feel the internal call to ministry. At that time, Branden decided that he wanted to spend his life in ministry as a pastor. At the same time, Branden was also a dedicated athlete. Upon graduation from high school, he received a full athletic scholarship to Portland State University.

College proved to be a very formative time in his life. In that season, he faced several new trials, temptations, and challenges. Each of these experiences taught him the value of a healthy local congregation, the importance of relying on the Lord, and the necessity of pursuing greater spiritual maturity and depth.

After graduating from Portland State with a B.A. in the Social Sciences. Branden entered graduate school at Western Seminary. There he earned an M.A. In Biblical & Theological Studies; he also received the Seminary’s award for outstanding Hebrew Exegesis. Currently, Branden is in the final stages of completing a Master of Theology (TH.M.).

In 2009 Branden married the lovely Justine. The two of them have a four-year-old son named Blaise and are expecting in the summer of 2020. Justine is also passionate about ministry to women. She received a B.A in Biblical Studies from Gordon College and is currently continuing her education at Western Seminary.

Prior to coming to New Light Branden served Trinity Church of Portland, Harvard University through University Christian Union, Lake Bible Church, and Calvary Baptist Church.

Branden has dedicated his life to the strengthening and development of healthy, informed, resilient, and faithful disciples of Christ. He loves the church of Christ and wishes to spend the rest of his days shepherding, teaching, leading and loving God’s people. Branden is passionate about developing diverse leaders who will plant and lead healthy congregations. His favorite pastime is spending time with Justine and Blaise. He also enjoys working out and discussing life, theology, ministry, history, sociology, sports, hip-hop and other significant issues with good friends.